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22 Top suppliers for UV Coating/ Varnishing machine 2018

By Kevin Zhou from Sunfung Technology Corporation Ltd

There are many suppliers in the market for the UV coaters, I listed 22 top suppliers for customers balances according different size, inline/offline or near-line, digital print or wide presses, budgets, etc
In this article, we treat Coating same to Vanishing for more option and choices to end-users. But Varnish offers much opportunity with its ability to be tinted, flooded or used as a spot and applied using different methods, but does have a few drawbacks. Varnish offers a relatively low degree of protection compared to other coatings, tend to yellow over time and have longer drying time.

UV Coating/ Varnishing machine suppliers as below:
1) American Ultraviolet Coating offers multiple coating systems that range from 16 to 52 inches in its AUV-Coat line, which replaced the Spectra Coat UV Coating line. Configuration can be inline with a digital print engine or offline as a complete UV coating solution. Prices start at $15,995.00 for a handfed, 16-inch model. Best seller of the company’s products is the 20-25 inch model with automated feeder.( $18,695.00-$23,795.00)
These AUV-Coat UV coaters in 16-, 20-, 25-, 30-, 40- , 52-inch models utilize a three roll roller coating and feature the option of both aqueous and UV coating capabilities. UV coating li quid costs approximately 1.5 cents for a 12×18-inch sheet on both sides.

2) Duplo USA provides several UV coaters in its Ultra line. The Ultra 300Ai is a high-end production UV coater built to connect to the HP Indigo 7000 series printer. The Ultra 100PRO and Ultra 200A are offline models, and are the Underwriters Laboratories-certified UV coaters in the U.S
At Graph Expo 2016, Duplo introduced The DuSense DDC-810 ‘Sensory Coater’, which is a compact embellishment inkjet used to print clear UV spot varnish with the option of raised and textured finishes that resemble embossing. With air suction feeding system, it can handle maximum paper size 14.33” x 29.13” up to 450gsm. List price for $161,550.00 around.

3) Epic Products International has automated coating systems WebCoat 200, 350, and 400 target Hewlett-Packard’s high-speed color inkjet web presses, with options for sheet- and web-fed and offline and inline. UV or aqueous coating available, and all offer an anilox metering system for precision coating application. The anilox metering system, in addition to offering consistent lay down, supports single side—top or bottom—and duplex coating of the web.
The company offers three sheet-fed models—Epic CT-660, CTi-635, and Epic 750—targeting high-volume digital production environments. 4,000 sheets per hour for each are capable and have a quick changeover between UV and aqueous-based coating with a touch pad operator interface.

4) GMP Co. Ltd offers UV coating solutions for digital print on demand( POD) Automatic UV Coaters. Their SURECOATER series, which includes both automatic and hand-fed options. The series features a touchscreen interface, modifiable UV intensity, and coating thickness adjustment. It handles a maximum sheets size of 370×520 millimeter.
GMP also offers the EUROCOATER series from E3752MF, PRO3752 to A5680. ( AF20M/HUR/MF as different options ), which has numerous features include a three-roll bi-directional rotation coating system and an air stripper installed for preventing jams. The EUROCOATER A5680 AF20M/HUR is a UV coating solution with speed up to 50 meters per minute and up to 3,000 sheets per hour.

5) Graphic Whizard has multiple UV coating devices in its VividCoater XDC line, from entry level to production machines. Installation can be inline or offline. The XDC series offers a variety of options for footprint, media handling, and feed method. MSRP ranges from $14,975 for the Micro to $38,675 for the XDC 750A.
The company’s popular model is the XDC 370M, which offers the features of the production XDC series, but the small footprint is more like the Micro. The XDC 370M features user-friendly touchscreen controls and a three-pump system for quick and automated coating changeover and clean up. All coaters have an optional 18-inch deep pile feeder and optional patterned rollers and regular rollers. The regular rollers give troublesome coats a smoother finish.

6) Harris & Bruno’s ExcelCoat series offers several coaters that are configurable inline or offline. The company designed the heavy machines to remain reliable for ten to 15 years in a demanding environment with minimal downtime. The automated ExcelCoat ZRS30 and ZRS30 sheet Spot coater, launched 2017. “Designed to meet the standards of the most demanding of customers, our spot coater helps solidify H&B’s position as a market leader for digital print finishing,” said Harris & Bruno Regional Manager Sean Tobler.
For a high-volume digital production environment, the company suggests the fully automated ZR with a chamber/anilox system that allows printers to prime sheets. It features the Modular Circulation System, which offers separate sets of hoses and pumps, which allow high-throughput shops to have ten minute changeovers between incompatible chemistries.

7) Kompac Technologies offers three series of coaters—Elite, EZ Koat, and Kwik Finish—which all handle UV and aqueous coating. However, the three lines target different volumes and types of production. The Elite devices are for coating on-demand digital labels or cut sheets up to ten inches. The EZ Koat line offers a small footprint and allows a user to change from inline to offline coating in under five minutes. The Kwik Finish line provides both spot and full coating for a variety of substrates, offering 3D textured spot, sapphire, and other specialty coatings.

Kompac carries coaters with automatic feeders or roll–roll feeds that handle high-volume digital product environments. The Kwik Finish range of coaters can coat over 5,000 sheets per hour and are suitable for flood and spot coating. They also feature the Kwik release blanket bars that make changing jobs a faster process. Additionally, coating change and clean up takes five minutes with the Kompac Vac.

8) MGI provides four JETvarnish spot UV coating, JETvarnish 3DS, JETvarnish 3D, JETvarnish 3D Web, JETvarnish 3D Evolution. They are inline solutions for MGI Meteor printing customers. All JETvarnish models are capable of flood coating, but are primarily for spot coating. The JETvarnish 3D has an MSRP of $400,000 to $500,000. In addition to traditional coating, it produces flat spot UV coating and tactile embossed varnish up to 200 microns. The device also enables embossed foil with MGI’s iFOIL inline module.
MGI developed the 3DS for Konica Minolta’s distribution network, and launched it earlier this year. It offers the capabilities and features of the 3D, but the new generation is smaller. The 3DS handles sheets of up to 14×42 inches, compared to the 3D’s 20×42 inches.List price for $284,995.00
The JETvarnish 3D Web delivers exceptional print enhancement value to the label market. The JETvarnish 3D Web allows label printers to go digital for Spot UV Coating and Embossed Hot Foiling without dies, screens or expensive tooling on narrow webs up to 420 mm/16.53”. The JETvarnish 3D Evolution (Evo) has been specially designed to offer digital and offset printers a scalable upgrade_path for a full range of production environments and postpress applications, for B1+ format.

9) Scodix provides two coating solutions engineered for the Scodix Digital Enhancement Presses. The S series and the Ultra series both offer automated UV coating, and handle sheets of 135 to 675 gsm, with a maximum size of 21.5×31 inches.
The company also offers the Scodix S Digital Presses, which produce Scodix SENSE by applying clear polymer to images in variable levels of thickness and texture of up to 250 microns, allowing for easy single or dual-sided printing.

10) Steinemann offers two UV coating systems. The Colibri line is aimed at small to large production volumes, and offers both full and strip coating. It operates at up to 10,000 sph and handles sheet sizes up to 41.7×29.53 inches. It features heated sheet cleaning calendar, large cylinders, and an extended flow-out section. The dmax provides spot coating for sheets up to 42.5×30.5 inches, operating at up to 10,000 sph depending on sheet size and the specific coating used. Optional features include sheet pre-piling and data RIP.

11) TEC Lighting provides a variety of UV coating devices from 14 inch to 63 inch maximum. The TruCoat UV Coater works at speeds up to 4,000 sph, and is available in several sizes. Features include a touchscreen panel, variable intensity infrared lamps, and quick-change rollers, as well as options such as a stacker. TEC Lighting also offers an inline version of the TruCoat. The XtraCoat MINI is designed for short-run printers, offering a small footprint and fast setup but also numerous features. List price from $12,540.00 to $79,750.00. Other series include the DualCoat Duplex for double-sided coating and the MegaCoat, a high-production line that includes a 63-inch version.
The most popular is their XtraCoat Mini 14″ system. It is the perfect machine for small spaces enabling you to offer uv coating to any customer looking for a cheaper alternative to lamination, but offering a quality finished product. They also carry a line of their UV Coating Fluid that was developed to match the performance of their machines including coverage for HP Indigo, Konica Minolta and a majority of off-set presses.

12) Shark Machinery offers its SUV-18 Smart UV Coater, a low-maintenance, UV curing coating system. It is designed to provide a durable and high-quality finish to printed sheets. The SUV-18 is an 18 inch, hand-fed unit with optional feeding devices available. Its heated UV tank warms you coating to ensure better coating adhesion and a glossier shine. Also available is the company’s 24-inch UV Coater, SUV-24, and SUV-24 PLUS.

13) Brandtjen and Kluge announces a line of OmniCoat UV roller coaters for digital production and wide format protection and enhancement of print surface. OmniCoat 1800 and 3000 and wide-format OmniCoat 4000, with the ability to coat over 5,000 sheets per hour. It is capable of one-touch operation. The UV coating protects against humidity, scratching, and scuffing while adding increased detail, vibrancy, and enhancing color. Matt, Gloss or Satin available.

The Kluge OmniCoat Wide Format UV Roller Coater is available in standard and custom sizes. With Coaters from 42 inches to 84 inches there is a coater for every size and purpose. Evenly coats a wide range of substrates, Vacuum holddown throughout, Sheet-jam detection/safety guards/emergency stops, Precision coating metering adjustments, Digital variable-speed control, Special high-density UV resistant applicator roller.
While color enhancement makes coating popular, it is also cost efficient.

14) Alliance Technology Corporation is a privately owned manufacturing and marketing company headquartered in Maryland, USA with additional facilities in Asia. We are the foremost company in the development and supply of off-line UV Liquid Coating Systems and supplies. Currently offer five liquid coating machine products. They have offline and near-line sheet-fed liquid coating system from 13 – 80 inch maximum.
The ATC coating machines are designed to coat both flexible and rigid substrates up to 3″/7Smm thickness. They feature super sized rollers to assure precise, full width, edge to edge coverage with a speed range from 30 ft. The ATC UV80 provides for optional Roll to Roll feature for applications where users need or want the facility to coat flexible material. The RTR series is a dedicated Roll to Roll machine which can be fitted with large production Jumbo Reel Feed and take up system enabling mass coating production facility. Utilising our unique Meyer rod coating bar this ensure perfect coating and even coating on a wide selection of media such as textured media.

15) TRESU Group have variable Icoat 30000 series inline selective coating solution for digital sheetfed folding Carton production. At Dscoop EMEA 2017, TRESU demonstrates its iCoat 30000 inline flexo coating system for applying varnishes and metallic finishes to folding cartons and synthetic packaging materials that are digitally printed with HP Indigo presses. It is capable of applying added-value post-print varnishes at speeds of up to 4600 sheets / hour.

TRESU iCoat 30000 is configured inline with the HP Indigo press, enabling seamless single pass printing and coating. The integrated digital printing and flexo coating line has a maximum speed of up to 4,600 sheets per hour (sph) (3,450 sph in four colors), handling substrates of maximum format 29.53-in. x 21.65-in. in paperboard and metallized boards between 250-µm. and 600-µm. thickness. The press can also print on plastic substrates, accommodating PVC and polypropylene up to 630-µm., and PET up to 400-µm. Where no substrate or varnish change is needed, setup times for each job are about one minute.

16) BN Technology Corporation from Japan have different coaters from Digi Multi coater to Digi Package/ Digi Spot UV/Water-based Varnish Coating system. For lengths, they have B2 size, SRA3/B3 size, B3 and Longer size. For coating, UV/Water-based Varnishing Coating, Primer Coating, Duplex Coating. To different applications, they have for package printing, for corrugated board, Roll to Roll. Mainly the inline for different printers like HP Indigo 10000, HP Indigo 12000, Fujifilm Jet Press 720S, Komori Impremia IS29, Konica Minolta Accurio Jet KM-1, HP Indigo 5600, HP Indigo 7800, Fuji Xerox iGen5, Fuji Xerox C10000 Press, Fuji Xerox iGen 150 Press, Fuji Xerox Versant 2100 Press, Canon DreamLabo 5000, Richo Pro C9110, HP Indigo 30000, Xante Excelagraphix 4800, HP Indigo WS4600, HP Indigo WS6600. For other small to middle offline UV coater made by their partner, will talk in follows.

17) Walco, Inc make the industrial coaters, like Roll coaters for Paper, Plastic, Wood, Foam, Metal, Hardboad, Glass. Every Walco Roll UV Coate (including the 621UV series shown here) is available in widths from 6.0 to 156 inches wide. Inline or Off line. 670HD UV series are available in width from 20.0 to 168 inches wide. They have a powerful coater/laminator, Walco’s 756 (4 ft.) and 765 (5 ft.) Coater/ Laminator series are ideally suited for low to medium volume, intermittent operation, top web coating and laminating. Walco’s 766 Coating and Laminating System is the “big brother” to Walco’s 765/766 series,ideally suited for large volume, day-in, day-out operations.

18) Kisun’s Digital Photo Book & Album Production Factory make a lot of fully automated micro format multi digital UV coater for UV, Primer and liquid coating. From 13 inch to 62 inches. The Compact Digi UV Coater is ideal for all types of small format digital press prints. The unique roller application system and UV curing dryer produce a fast quality product. From the innovative and intuitive touch screen, it is easy to monitor and operate both the feeder and coater functions. As the unique coating roller system and UV curing dryer work quickly to produce high quality finished prints. The top feeder is capable of accepting up to 200mm (8 inch) high stack of sheets and is ideal for running small to medium volume jobs. The Compact model can accept a paper thickness up to 400gsm, with an adjustable coating thickness of 6-14 microns. The innovative smart vanish supply and automatic clean-up systems are technologies offered only by Digi UV coaters.

The Digi Multi Coater is three in one system for UV, Primer, and Water-based Liquid coating. Digi UV Coaters are compatible with most offset, digital press, ink jet, and photo based prints. The design of the Digi Multi Coater allows for simple operation from start to finish. Warm-up, preparation, finish selection, coating, and cleaning are fully automated and controlled through the user-friendly touch screen. Two separate coating paths allow for the easy use of both matte and glossy finishes along with a selection of different textured rollers.

19) Komfi spol. s r.o make variable Varnishing machines, from 36 to 76 cm, Spotmatic series and Fullmatic series. The Spotmatic faces established competition, in particular from Scodix and MGI, which have more expensive B2 digital UV varnishers with similar 3D capabilities. According to André Hilkens, manager of Komfi Europe in the Netherlands: “The build quality and registration of the machine is outstanding, thanks to the new paper feed and transport system. Also, to create outstanding multi-pass results we cure the varnish in between the separate passes. This process can be set up in the software to be fully automatic.” List for Spotmatic 54 is $234,000.00

The FULLMATIC series of UV coating machines are noted for their use of the ‘three roller’ system of varnish application. Their design has been based on the need for a compact, yet robust and reliable solution for professional use. All models in the FULLMATIC series feature a sheet feeding system – two that are aided by an automated feeding head – and all encompass the Komfi hallmarks of easy operation, intuitive software, easy maintenance and protective components for operator safety, with high output quality. The three models that comprise the FULLMATIC series are the FULLMATIC 36 – that operates at 20 m/min with manual feeding – the FULLMATIC 52 and FULLMATIC 76 – both with automatic feeding heads and top speeds of 30 m/min.

21) Argos Solutions offer variable UV coaters, they have 2 kind of coating, flat coating include F400 Pack, F400 UV, F400 LED, F400 HD, another is Selective coating or Spot coating, MK3 SpotCoater. the F400 is a highly flexible flat coating system that can be used in handfed, automatic and inline mode to digital print systems. The device can run at up to 45m/min or 6,000sph (A3) and can handle a maximum paper width of 400mm. It features an optional feeder/stacker and optional coating pre-heating and infra-red lamps are also available if needed. Pricing for the machine starts at around $52,590.00 depending on specification.
Argos’ family of cold UV flood coaters, the new machine is an HD version of the standard F400 and is available in a number of configurations priced up to $157,900.00
Featuring a closed-lamp LED curing system, substrate temperatures never exceed 25˚C, which means as little as 2g of coating is required per square metre. This is a significant cost saving compared with the coater’s competitors, which require up to 10g/sqm for an effective coat. Argos’ F400 HD can handle sheets up to 400mm wide, though a 540mm version is available to cater for the B2 market. According to Simpson, the primary market that will be targeted is the large web-to-print companies that produce greetings cards and other on-demand photographic jobs, while the packaging industry would also be a key area of focus.

22) Sunfung Technology is the supplier for Spot UV coater with cold foil option.  SF-370 is entry Spot UV coater 80um thickness max, SF-370F is Spot UV coater with cold foil in one pass. Both two models have option for 160um thickness max printing module. The list price is from US$145,000.00 to US$195,000.00  24 hours keep working with no stop based on the recycle system help to exclude the bubbles from digital printing. 10 minutes take from settings to samples come out, only takes 2-3 samples before formal productions, save customer cost and time.