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Paper folder-SF-32M

SF-32M Paper Folding Machine

Our SF-32M paper Folder is a solid and durable machine, and an extremely economical solution to fold large paper volumes. The SF-32M can process a large variety of applications and is easy to operate. It works fast and accurately and can be used in any offices and mailrooms.

The SF-32M Desktop Paper Folder is able to handle sheets up to A3. The adjustment of the folding plates is done in no time, as both folding plates have a self-explaining scale for 6 different fold types, including cross folding. Additionally, each plate is equipped with a quick and fine-tune adjustment to always achieve perfect folding results, whether the application is a letter, flyer, brochure or billing statement.

The conveyor stacker guarantees an accurate storage of up to 500 sheets. It is extendable according to different paper sizes and folding types.


Model:SF-32M folder
Fold speed:7000 sheets/ h
Paper size:B6(182x128mm) – A3(420x297mm)
Paper weight: 50—200 gsm
Paper stack capacity:500 sheets, 64gsm
Power supply:220V, 50Hz/ 110V, 60Hz
Dimensions:W 890 x D 480 x H 520 mm
Weight:35 Kg
End-User Price:US$3,099.00



Maximum for A3 paper, feeding pressure adjustable for various kinds of papers in the market.


Six popular fold types available, including Letter fold, Half fold, Double Parallel, Accordion fold, Gate fold and Fold-out


It also has creasing function, which satisfy different customers’ demands.

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