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5 Details You Must Know to Purchase Paper Folders in China.

What kind of paper folder you need exactly?





There are a lot of paper folders in the market. For size, small, middle to large. From the fold plates control, it has manually or automatic models. Friction feeding or air-suction feeding ( Top air-suction and Bottom air-suction ) models. Folding speed adjustable, some fold speed is fixed, etc

Large paper folders is used in printing shops, which can fold paper size from 150 x 200 mm to 670 x 1040 mm. With over dozens of fold types, based on fold plates for 4, 6, 8 or 12 etc, depend on customers need. For the feeding system mostly is for the air-suction feed.

Middle paper folders is popular in some toy factory, pharmaceutical factories, where have variety use of paper size from 60 x 90 mm to 460 x 600 mm. 4, 6 or 8 fold plates is most for them. Air-suction feeding is the priority for fast folding speed and good feeding accuracy.

Small or tabletop paper folder is widely used in schools, churches, small print shop or government, etc. Friction feeding is most, for different paper size from 50 x 50 mm to 300 x 760 mm. The folding capacity is 20,000 pcs per month is OK.

There are manual folders and automatic folders in the market depend on the control for the fold plates. And the folding speed is adjustable or non-adjustable.

According to the paper feeding system, it has friction feeding folder and air-suction feeding folder. Friction folder have 2 or 3 feed roller to deliver paper to folding systems. Air suction folder has the air-pump which deliver paper inside by air-pressure.

5 details you must know to purchase paper folder.

Here Sunfung make samples for you, with small( tabletop ) paper folder. To guide you how to select good quality paper folders.

1 Feeding system

There is a saying in the paper folding market, if one paper folder the feeding system is good, then the machine is not bad. So you can see the importance in the paper folder.

Everyone knows, if the feeding roller if too hard, it easy get slip when feeding papers; but if it is too soft, then it may cause double sheet feedings.
Here is the problem, most of the folding job have different paper material, how can one kind of feed roller satisfy all these folding need?

Here is our recommendation for your references.
No 1. If their feed roller is hard, then they packaged one soft roller with the machine for customer. One hard roller and one soft roller together is needed for customer.
No 2. It is better for you to choose the paper folder with feeding pressure adjustable feature. Then customer can adjust the feeding pressure according their paper material.

2 Paper feed in and fold out sensors

The paper feed in and fold out sensors are very important for the machine working stable. Normally the bigger size for the sensor head, the better capability for sending or getting signals. Sunfung uses the sensor for 5mm size, which works well in US, for your balances with other suppliers.

And the sensor are used in pairs, so when they been assembly on the machine, make sure their centres are in same line, then they will have best working and guarantee a long time stable working. If the sensors are not installed face to face perfectly, after certain period working, the sensor will be not stable, even stop working. Then the machine have to stop, to replace new ones. It is not easy to adjust the position for the sensor after sending to customer hand, they do not have tools to guarantee the centre in same line.

3 Folding jobs

Normally customer have 3 folding jobs as below:

No 1. Your folding types are fixed in 1-2, and paper size do not change much. Then we recommend you to choose the manual paper folders. Stable, convenient and good price.
No 2. You have over 4 fold types in your job, and have more than 4 kind of paper size normally. Then the automatic paper folder is suitable for your job. Convenient operations.

If your folding job between No 1 and No 2, then you can choose the model depend on your budget.

No 3. If you have cross folding job. It is to fold paper from horizontal and vertical direction in one sheet. Like the image as below:

If your cross folding job is a lot, then you need one paper folder in front and paper folder in the back ( Their layout is one horizontal and another one vertical ) to work out cross folding in one sheet.

If you do not have much cross folding jobs, but still have. Then just choose one folder which can fold folded sheets is OK. It means you make half fold for example, then you collect them to put them in vertical direction on the same folder, to finish the cross folding job. It is little complicated, but reduce your budget a lot.

4 The noise

Some people may do not notice the folding sound for the machine, as the machine working do have the sound.
But for one good paper folder, you should only hear paper feeding, folding and out delivery sound. All of them together should be less than 75dB for a tabletop paper folder.

If you do hear some other sound or the it can be noisy for your ear, then you need to take good notice of the machine. Because it may have inner trouble as below:

1. Some metal parts need oil or rusted.
2. There are many gear transmissions which not been replaced by the belts.
3. The accuracy is not enough between the parts.
4. The parts quality is not OK, or the use bad material.
5. Some gears not in same level, which cause the pressure not in the sensor.
6. The spring is too loose or too tight.

So once you heard the sound is little noisy. Then you should take good notice of that. Do recommend you open the machine to check the details inside one by one.
If we leave it alone, the sound may get more noisy with a bad operation experiences. Most importantly, it will affect the stable working and longevity.

5 Professionalism

Before you confirm the order, you must sure have seen the detail documents from supplier like the Brochures, Operational Manual, Spare Parts list, Videos and Certification if necessary.

Notice clearly the folder installation, operation, repair and maintenance is EASY. Make sure it is easy for you, if it is difficult, it means the supplier is not professional enough.

No matter who been in touch with you, the sales guy or techniques, are they professional enough ? Because it is the start after you buy the paper folder. There are a lot of things to do, like technical service, parts support, training, etc.

What will good supplier talk to you when you prepare to buy the folder ?

At the beginning, of course they need to know some basic requirement like paper size, fold types, folding capacity per month, paper material and thickness, budget, etc.

But good supplier also know, offer perfect solution to you and establish a long-term business cooperation is far more important than selling out few machines. So they will talk with you some deeper needs, and offer some advices based on their many years experiences in the market. Like

1) What kind of folding job you want to accomplish, based on your current enquiry, and what require you may need in near future ;
2) If we can not offer right solution to you, which supplier should I recommend you to get in touch;
3) We also would like to share with you for the differences, strength and weakness between Germany folders, Taiwan folders, American folders and Japanese folders for your balances.
4) Except the folding jobs, based on your company working strategy, will you need other solutions for creasing, cuttings or business card cutting business, etc. And what advices we can offer to you;

Good supplier trying best to understand your deeper demands, to build up a long-term partnership. Once the solution is perfect for you, of course you will get the machine automatically.

Thanks for your kindly patience to read them, hope this article is helpful to you in a way.


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