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Paper Folder Review: SF-12M vs. Ideal 8305

Sunfung recently sat down and did a side-by-side paper folding machine comparison between the SF-12M and the Ideal 8305. Sunfung were excited to announced a paper folding machine that would compete directly with the Ideal 8305, a popular model with our customers.

The Ideal 8305 has delivered top-notch paper folding capabilities to our customers for a reasonable price. We know a lot of customers like it globally. The new Sunfung entry, the SF-12M has several comparable features that could give the Ideal 8305 a run for the money. Let’s take a look:

Folding Speed

Ideal 8305: 7,200 sheets/hour

Sunfung SF-12M: 7,400 sheets/hour

Two hundred more sheets folded per hour is quite a big difference when you need to fold several hundred pieces each day. Time and labor savings quickly add up. Advantage: Sunfung.

Input Capacity

Ideal 8305: 150 Sheets

Sunfung SF-12M: 200 Sheets

Sunfung comes out the winner here again, thanks to a much deeper paper hopper. This translates into fewer paper feedings into the paper tray required by the operator and a significant saving of time. Advantage: Sunfung.

Maximum Paper Size

Ideal 8305: 8 1/2″ x 14″

Sunfung SF-12M: 8 1/2″ x 14″

Both models will fold legal size paper, a common request by our customers. The 8305 and SF-12M models handle the larger-sized sheets with ease. Advantage: Draw.

Accepted Paper Weights

Ideal 8305: 20 lb. bond

Sunfung SF-12M: 20 lb. bond

Both models will process paper that’s slightly lighter and heavier than copy paper, but that’s about it. We sometimes hear from frustrated callers who assume their paper folding machine can handle card stock or other heavy types of paper. The fact is, most models are designed to fold copy paper only. Heavier stock paper presents challenges for several models. Advantage: Draw.


Ideal 8305: 1 year limited warranty, excluding wearables

Sunfung SF-12M: 1 year limited warranty, excluding wearables

Warranty issue is quite important for local dealers. Especially for the machines, potential customers want the warranty time as long as possible.  Such is the case with them. Advantage: Draw.

List Price

Ideal 8305: $458

Sunfung SF-12M: $499

Since the Sunfung SF-12M is a new model, we were hoping price would be a little more competitive. Saving $41 may not seem like a significant amount of money, but every dollar counts – especially when buying office equipment and supplies. Advantage: Ideal 8305.

Both the Ideal 8305 and SF-12M paper folding machines offer very similar capabilities. What model do we recommend? Well, if price are a big concern, then Ideal 8305 is the clear choice. If that’s not a deal breaker, then the Sunfung SF-12M based on performance capabilities and less time required for operation and attendance.