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Spot UV Coater 2.0 Version

The NEW SF Raised Spot UV Coater with foil feature in one pass. Print is just ink on paper but by adding print embellishment, it becomes an experience that engages the senses and one that your customers can see, touch and achieve shining result. The SUNFUNG 370 Spot UV coater accelerates more your margin growths by creating greater value for products such as business cards, postcards, invitations, direct mailers, etc

The SUNFUNG 370 Spot UV coater is a compact, design-driven solution that utilizes 360 x 1440 dpi inkjet technology, UV lamp curing, and camera image registration to deliver production output with texture and depth by applying a gloss varnish to defined areas of the substrate. Equipped with efficient air suction feed system, which handles maximum paper sizes of 370 x 750mm (14.56” x 29.52”) up to 450 gsm. Using the PC Controller software, operators can easily set up a job in 4 simple steps and begin producing jobs within 10 minutes. Simply upload the raised spot UV layer file in PDF or TIFF format along with the XML file with the registration mark data, load the paper in the feeder and press Send then Start. Its CCD camera system – which automatically corrects for shrinkage, stretch, and skew – along with unique registration marks ensure the precise alignment of the spot UV layer onto the printed document.

MAIN FEATURES – UV Coating Machine

Model:Spot UV coater 1.0
Spot UV coater 2.0
Paper size: Max: 370x750mm
Min: 210x279mm
Max: 370x750mm
Min: 210x279mm
Paper thickness:110-400gsm 110-400gsm
Print head:Piezo method
Resolution 360x1440dpi
Piezo method
Resolution 360x1440dpi
Printing width:330mm330mm
Ink supply method:Industrial recirculating ink supply system, no purge neededIndustrial recirculating ink supply system, no purge needed
Average ink usage:20ml/sq.m for 20um20ml/sq.m for 20um
Foil roller dimension(mm):NoInner core : DIA 76.20
With foil max: DIA 350
Print data format:PDF/TIFFPDF/TIFF
Print correction:Duo auto camera correction
Image register marks
Duo auto camera correction
Image register marks
Print accuracy:+/-0.2mm+/-0.2mm
Print thickness:20 - 80um +/-10um depend on paper quality20 - 80um +/-10um depend on paper quality
Process speed:2,160 x A3 sheets per hour for coating thickness 20-40um2,160 x A3 sheets per hour for coating thickness 20-40um
Feed tray capacity:500mm500mm
Paper feeding:Belt suction/plate suction from the topBelt suction/plate suction from the top
Sheet separation:Front and side air separationFront and side air separation
Stacking capacity: 180mm180mm
Power:Three phase 380V AC, 12KWThree phase 380V AC, 12KW
Operating environment:Recommend temperature 20 to 30 C.
Humidity 30% to 50% RH with No condensation.
Out light 1,500lx or less
Recommend temperature 20 to 30 C.
Humidity 30% to 50% RH with No condensation.
Out light 1,500lx or less
Options:160um thick printing module / 720x1440 dpi160um thick printing module / 720x1440 dpi
Air supply: Air with no oil or water, 6 barAir with no oil or water, 6 bar
Air consumption:15L/min15L/min

Spot UV Coating     

SUNFUNG 370 series Spot UV coater with foil allows customer to make different result on the Buisness cards, Greeting cards, Postcards, Photo and wedding albums, Brochures and some packaging and advertising materials, by add the glossy three-dimensional spot coating with or without foil to printed images or texts. Left a very unique impressions to your customers.


The SUNFUNG 370 series Spot UV coater supports a sheet size of 370 x 750mm, for SRA3 format digital production press. Running speed at 2160 x A3 sheets an hour, means for 1000 sheets of 250gsm, spot UV coating for 20um with foil job finished within 30 minute.

High Precision

Twin cameras and Sunfung Image Register Mark ensure alignment precision accuracy within 0.2mm. Easy adjustment and automatic set-up for each sheet.

24 hours working

The ink is controlled PID ( Print in Demand ) system, ensure accurate ink supply. . Recycle system help to exclude the bubbles from digital printings, increase the keep working time for 24 hours.

Foil Press

It has the foil press module offer more satisfy to different customers added the Spot UV coatings. One pass Spot UV coating with foil speed up the production efficiency and lower the total cost include the material and labor.

Easy operation

The SUNFUNG 370 series Spot UV coater aim to offer customer for short on demand unique printing result. More and more digital printing job within 1000 sheets, so there is a demand for samples come out within 10 minutes from settings, and right products come out from 2-3 samples sheets testing and adjust.

  • Spot UV coating with foil in one pass
  • Inkjet technology and UV lamp for instant curing
  • Easy pre-press preparation and operation
  • Twin accurate camera image registration for 2 times printing
  • Air suction feed system
  • 10 minutes from setting to samples print out
  • 24 hours working with no stop
  • 160um thickness printing module options

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