Sunfung reduced the price for print finishing and digital print products according the global economy slow down. Welcome to contact Sunfung team to get new quotes- October 2018

22 Top suppliers for UV Coating/ Varnishing machine .- September 2018

Sunfung prepared 20 Iwatches, 10 DJI Drones as gift giving back to customers who order new UV coater in September. The activity is over when all the gifts sent out.- September 2018

Sunfung new introduce the Mini UV Coater, SF-16A, ( 410mm, 16 inch automatic UV coater).- August 2018

Sunfung new version electric paper cutter, SF-490E, ( Heavy duty design, Touchscreen option).- July 2018

Sunfung will participate Print China 2019, ( Booth No: 2841, Hall 1 April 9th-13th in Dongguan, Guangdong Province).- May, 2018

Sunfung newly introduce the tabletop creaser SF-10. 32 lines available in one crease- April 2018

You are highly welcomed to come and visit us at Printing South China 2018, ( Booth No: 5350, March 10th-12th in Guangzhou).- February, 2018

Sunfung improved and updated the A3 paper folding machine, Check the details in Sunfung Blog.  January, 2018

Sunfung introduce laminatros. SF-390 entry level laminator, digital laminator and hydraulic laminators.  December 2017

Sunfung showed new inside structure for heavy duty cutters and 0.2mm cutting videos.  November 2017

Sunfung New Offer – Save your time, Save your money.  November 2017

Sunfung attend Print 2017. Sep 10th – 14th, 2017

Welcome to Visit Sunfung booth at China Print 2017 in Beijing. May 2017

Sunfung New introduce the heavy duty paper cutter SF-H series with 10 inch screen. May 2017

Sunfung Paper Folders showed at Technoprint Expo in Cairo Egypt. April 2017

Welcome to Visit Sunfung booth at Printing South China 2017 in Guangzhou. March 2017

Sunfung New introduce the heavy duty book binder B600 series. February 2017

Sunfung New introduce the heavy duty laminator, 520 & 720 mm. December 2016

5 Details You Must Know to Purchase Paper Folders in China.

Welcome to Visit Sunfung booth at Print China 2015 in Dongguan, Guangdong Province.

Welcome to Visit Sunfung booth at All In Print 2014 in Shanghai

New products introduced

In March 2014, Sunfung develop the booklet maker according customers request. To offer a tough and stable booklet maker. Saddle, Edge and Corner stapling available. 18 sheets maximum.

Check the detail on the webpage please.

Booklet maker-SF-11

New products introduced

In November 2013, Sunfung develop one series hydraulic cutter, which is the top level guillotine for middle size in China. Omron PLC control for safety and better cutting accuracy, ball rollers under the paper plates and double guide backgauge programmable control.

Commercial Paper Cutter

New products introduced

In January 2013, Sunfung introduce the cross folding lines for varies fold needs for different customers. Which can solve the trouble for cross folding, the small cross folding lines can help your customer save much money on that.

Paper folder-cross folding

New products introduced

In November 2012, Sunfung introduce A3 folder with 4 fold plates, SF-34M. Except same features and functions with SF-14M, it is for A3 paper, and paper feeding and folding pressure adjustable features. With creasing function and paper stacker option available.

Paper folder-SF-34M

New products introduced

In September 2012, Sunfung introduce A4 paper folder with 4 fold plates, SF-14M. It holds over 10 fold types based on 4 fold plates. Which is popular for Cosmetic or Pharmaceutical industries, to make small manuals. With creasing function and paper stacker option available.

Paper folder-SF-14M

New products introduced

In July 2012, Sunfung introduce A3 paper folder SF-32M. 6 normal fold types available. Paper feed pressure adjustable for different kind of papers.

Paper folder-SF-32M

New products introduced

In May 2012, Sunfung introduce A4 letter folder SF-22M. it has 6 normal fold types, with creasing features. For small paper folding, we have paper stacker options.

Paper folder-SF-22M

New products introduced

In March 2012, Sunfung introduce A4 letter folder SF-12M.It holds 4 normal folds Z fold, Letter fold, Half fold and Double Parallel. Popular for schools, churches, offices, banks etc.

Paper folder-SF-12M

Sunfung Established

In January 2012, Sunfung Equipment established in Jianggan district, Hangzhou, China. Mainly focus on manufacturing and exporting paper handling equipment like paper folders, paper cutters, book binders, etc.

Sunfung factory